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Many people in the modern world, including most doctors who are not educated about the true dangers of various toxic molds think that they are harmless, and that people who claim they are sick from mold are crazy and or lying. However, the reality is that many molds that can be found indoors have been proven by real unbiased scientists to make you sick, and cause various diseases such as allergies, asthma, chronic lung and sinus infections, chronic inflammation, gastrointestinal diseases, immunosuppression, cancer, damage our DNA and can even cause death.

These claims are not made for fear mongering purposes, but for truth and are backed by scientific facts. They are not theories and or opinion, but concrete facts that be substantiated with various studies and research that prove the ill health, and sometimes deadly effects of toxic mold which I will share with you below.

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Glutathione to Help Detox Your Body

“If you haven’t heard of glutathione yet, you will. In terms of staying healthy, it is one of the most important molecules in the body." - Dr. Mark Hyman, founder of The UltraWellness Center There are several supplements that my family takes and that I also recommend...

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Watch how smart slime mold in this ‘slime lapse’ video

In studying various types of molds (fungi), I have come to the conclusion that many these tiny organisms are not only one of the most deadly on earth, they are also one of the most intelligent as in the case of this slime mold. Researchers are now finding out that...

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Fall Mold May Trigger Asthma Attacks

(Source: University of Kentucky) - Many people think of allergies and asthma as two completely different diseases. In Kentucky, up to 4 percent of the population has nasal allergies, and 8 percent of the population has asthma. However, allergies are one common trigger...

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Michael Pugliese: Mold Doctor Loses Lawsuit

The Georgia man who called himself a mold doctor, but was not a doctor, Michael Pugliese has lost his right to sue a former landlord who he claimed made his family sick. I reported on Pugliese and his company, the National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease...

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Toxic Mold Attacks International Space Station (ISS)

November 26, 2000 -- Long before the first humans boarded the International Space Station (ISS), something else was living there. Something unseen, but potentially dangerous. Something with an uncanny ability to survive and reproduce in even the most hostile...

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Aggressive Space Mold Takes Over Russian Space Station

By Gareth Cook of the the Boston Globe( October 1, 2000) - The history books will never record it, but life in outer space was discovered about 12 years ago by a Russian cosmonaut as he was gazing out a window of the space station Mir. Squinting to set his sights on...

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The mold aspergillus is more deadly in outer space

Molds (fungi) are one of the oldest, deadliest and most adaptable organisms on planet earth. The facts are that mold will grow anywhere. It grows on plants, animals, humans, wood, stone, steel and as this new study proves, even on the International Space Station (ISS)...

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Tupelo, Mississippi Police Officer Files Lawsuit Over Mold

A Tupelo, Mississippi police detective is suing the city for failing to provide a safe place to work and demoting him after he complained about mold in a building that was making him sick that he worked in. According to WCBI news, a 12-year veteran, Officer Brandon...

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Arizona Mold Laws

Currently, there are no specific mold laws on the books in the state of Arizona. But this does not mean that if you have mold, that you are completely unprotected. For example, every state in the U.S. has certain laws that protect tenant's rights concerning living in...

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